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Nobel Prize in Medicine

Nobel Prize Goes to Researchers Who Unravelled the Machinery of Vesicle Traffic

Researchers from Stanford, Berkeley and Yale were announced the joint winners of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine for their work on unraveling the inter cellular transit pathways of vesicles. Dr. Thomas Südhof of Stanford, Dr. Randy Schekman of UC Berkeley and Dr. James Rothman of Yale University, were announced as the joint winners of […]

New AFM Based Imaging Technique Developed to Visualize Chemicals in Atomic Resolution

In one of the firsts, researchers from University of California, Berkeley have caught a single atom resolution image of a molecule in the act of rearranging its bonds. The carbon molecule from graphene, in the process of rearranging itself, has become the first molecule to be visually captured at that resolution. The atomic bonds, each […]

Shapeshifting Phototrophic Hydrogels and More…

Bioengineers at University of California, Berkeley have developed a phototrophic hydrogel that can be manipulated using near infrared light. The phototropic hydrogels opens new avenues for research in the field of soft robotics, drug delivery systems and tissue engineering. This phototrophic hydrogel mimics the way plant cells respond to light and is made of a […]