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A Researcher is Only as Good as Their Gear

What we do?

Labcritics is dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing scientific equipment, new techniques, startups and applications. From being a marketplace to help make better decisions, Labcritics aims to make your research easier. If it is buying a new equipment, ordering consumables, choosing a software upgrade for your research, running a new research crowdfunding/crowdsourcing campaign or searching for an app that can make your work simpler, we would like to be your go to source of information.

Besides providing our readers news, reviews and updates on product launches and breakthroughs, we also bring the latest news from the world of research, new tools, crowdfunding and new applications meant to accelerate research. Our unbiased aggregated reviews* and ratings of lab equipment, software and consumables help make informed decisions. We also provide live product consultations to further assist you in making the right choice.(coming soon)

Who we are?

We are researchers, entrepreneurs and developers from diverse fields who have had frustrating experiences when it comes to lab tech. Either there is little information or biased information or no information at all, but never enough information.

Our Team

  • Mahboob Imtiyaz

    Mahboob Imtiyaz

    Mahboob is the senior Editor and founder of Labcritics. He is a parallel entrepreneur with a lot of ongoing ventures to his name around the world. He holds a Biotech degree from VTU, India and has considerable wet-lab experience, mostly as a decision maker who had to spend weeks before making purchases. His interests include simplifying lab tech, automated laboratories, artificial intelligence and mobile applications for research. He curioulsy spends a lot of time at conferences and meets.

    mahboob [email protected] labcritics d.t com
  • Xavier Tadeo

    Xavier is the lead science writer and co-founder at Labcritics. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from University of Barcelona and is currently conducting postdoctoral studies in Epigenetics at Institut Curie in Paris. He holds interests in areas such as next generation sequencing, genome editing, applied science, the exponential growth of technology and its astounding possibilities to improve the life of millions of people.

    xavier [email protected] labcritics d.t com
  • Nabeel A

    Lead designer at Labcritics, magincally converts complex reaserch subjects into pretty and self explanatory infographics. Loves research that strives to make a difference in people's lives and conducts his own DIY research on topics that interest him.

    nabeel [remove]@t labcritics d.t com

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