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Illumina to Genotype 2M Irish Animals

Illumina will genotype two million animals for the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF). The federation is carrying out a €300 million Beef Data and Genomics Program, funded by the Irish government.  The ICBF current mission is to genetically improve the Irish cattle herd and to make it more sustainable, environmentally and economically. From 2015 to 2020, the non-profit ICBF will gather samples of […]

xGen Target Capture

xGen Universal Blocking Oligos for Efficient Target Capture

Integrated DNA Technologies has added the new xGen Universal Blocking Oligos to its NGS product portfolio to make target capture experiments simpler. The new xGen Universal Blocking Oligos prevents cross-hybridization between adapter sequences, preventing non specific binding to increase the throughput of target capture experiments. IDT’s xGen Universal Blocking Oligos bind to platform adapter sequences […]

Personal Genomics for Prophylaxis: Still a Long Way to Go

Personal Genomics is very common these days with thousands of people spitting and shipping back the kits ordered from the genetic testing firms where these samples are processed, analyzed and complete reports highlighting the findings are delivered to customers. The field of genetic testing has undergone drastic changes, starting with the Human Genome Project that […]