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Illumina Launches its Cheapest Full Sequencer for No One

Illumina announced the release of its sub $20,000 desktop sequencer aimed at diagnostic labs at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference last week. The iSeq 100 designed with an new 2-Dye preparation technology that speeds up preparation time. While the cost and speed of sample preparation are a major upgrades, these upgrades are not a huge […]

Nanopore Achieves One Million Base Pair Sequencing

Researchers at Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia announced a million base pair DNA read on MinION Nanopore, bringing the USB sized sequencers closer to Illumina’s MiSeq desktop sequencers.   The researchers led by Martin A Smith, Ph.D., the head of genomic technologies in the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics, used incredibly precise preparation techniques and blunt pipette […]

Illumina Achieves Many Firsts With the NovaSeq Sequencer

Illumina, the leader in genome sequencing has announced its newest model of gene sequencer that costs under a million dollars, and is able to sequence entire human genome in one day at a cost of under $100 (allegedly). Illumina announced NovaSeq at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, successor to the highly successful HiSeq. […]

Grail Hits Unicorn Status with $1 Billion Capital for Blood Cancer Test

Illumina owned startup, Grail has announced that it is in the process of raising more than $1 billion in venture capital to invest in its cancer detection test and it split from its parent company. If Grail succeeds in raising $1 billion in its second round of financing, this would for the first time put a […]


Illumina Partners with 4 Biobanks to Genotype Their Collections

Illumina has signed agreements with Vanderbilt University, University of Colorado at Anschutz Medical Campus, Partners HealthCare, and Montreal Heart Institute to genotype their sample collections. Illumina’s technology will initially analyze 200000 samples and combine the obtained genomic data with clinical records to identify the genetic causes of several diseases. Illumina’s sequencing technology, Infinium® Expanded Multi-Ethnic Genotyping Array […]

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Cancer will be Detected with a Simple Blood Test

Illumina has announced the launch of its spin-off Grail, a company dedicated to implement cancer screenings based on blood tests. Grail will use Illumina’s sequencing technology to detect several cancer types by checking the nucleic acids in the blood. The new test would allow early cancer detection in asymptomatic people, dramatically reducing cancer-related death by treating individuals […]

Illumina Accelerates Four Selected Startups

Illumina has announced the winners of the third round of its accelerator program. The genomics company will invest in four biotech startups that work on nutrition, synthetic biology, the skin microbiome and reproductive health. The companies -MetaMixis, Vitagene, Skinomics and NextGen Jane- will receive support in many fronts. Apart from seed investment, they will receive $40 million from the Illumina Accelerator Boost […]

Smokers and Drinkers Are Epigenetically Older

A team of researchers lead by scientists from the University of Iowa have discovered that smoking and drinking accelerates the epigenetic changes associated with aging. The study, presented at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) 2015 Annual Meeting, shows that the DNA methylation patterns of smokers and drinkers are coincident with those of aging. Calculating the difference between […]