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New Biomarker Predicts Long-Term Risk of Infection and Death

GlycA levels in blood can tell whether a person has an increased risk of severe infection. The finding by researchers from the Universities of Oulu and Melbourne is based on tests performed on 10000 people. GlycA is a byproduct of inflammation that correlates with citokine levels and an increased immune response, and predicts risk of […]

Microchip Quickly Detects Defects in Donor Lungs

  Researchers from the University of Toronto have developed a microchip that detects biomarkers for lung assessment for transplantation. The microchip will detect lungs damaged at molecular level and thus avoid post-transplantation death. The finding was published in the journal Science Advances. Primary graft dysfunctions cause death of up to 25% of lung recipients. Many tests […]

Shimadzu Introduces iMScope Imaging Mass Microscope

Shimadzu Corporation, the leaders in analytical instruments has recently launched iMScope, a novel imaging mass microscope. The new device has both optical microscope and a hybrid ion TOF mass spectrometer for observing high resolution morphological images and for identifying and visualizing the distribution of molecules in the specimen sample respectively. Shimadzu’s iMScope offers a mass […]