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DNA Second Code

Genome-wide Mapping of DNA Repair Sites by XR-seq

A new method described by researchers at UNC Medical School allowed mapping the whole genome DNA repair sites for the first time. The authors, led by Professor Aziz Sancar, named their technique XR-seq (excision repair sequencing). The findings are relevant in the fight against cancer for they allow to pinpoint how repair is carried out […]

Rapid Genome analysis

Google Enters Genome Storage with Google Genomics

Google has launched the low cost genome storage service Google Genomics. The company can now store and compare thousands –and soon millions- of genomes in their servers. Google Genomics is expected to prompt new discoveries and better diagnostics by comparing an unprecedented number of genomes using the company’s technology. Amazon, IBM and Microsoft will soon be […]

Henreitta Cell lines

Henrietta Lacks Given Recognition for the HeLa Cells Line, Six Decades Later

A compromise has been reached over one of the oldest cell lines used extensively in scientific research, over recognition and future use of the HeLa cell line. More than 60 years after the death of Henrietta Lacks due to cervical cancer, her family members will have a chance to say how scientists use the HeLa […]

Bio-Rad Introduces Next-Gen QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched the latest QX200 Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) system featuring the company’s latest next generation Droplet Digital PCR technology. The new flexible device is capable of working with both widely used EvaGreen and TaqMan hydrolysis probes, making it easier for researchers to design their digital PCR experiments. The new QX200 systems can […]

HAMLET, A New Addition to Anti-Cancer Arsenal

Scientists have managed to gain some ground in the war against cancer by developing a new weapon to use against the enemy. The new weapon in question goes by the name HAMLET and it is designed by a team of scientists from Nanyang Tehnological University (NTU), Singapore and Lund University of Sweden. HAMLET stands for […]