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    Hanna Instruments is a reputed manufacturer of analytical instruments. Headquartered in USA, Hanna operates in more than 50 countries and offers over 3,000 products to a wide range of industries through its subsidiaries. Hanna Instruments controls quality by designing and manufacturing all of its products under strict ISO 9001:2000 standards in state-of-the-art European manufacturing facilities.

    Hanna Instruments’ driving philosophy has always been to supply customers around the world with practical, affordable solutions for their testing needs. This has been possible due to Hanna’s Research & Development team, which has delivered innovative products such as:

    • 1980 – World’s first single-probe portable conductivity meter
    • 1982 – World’s first pH controlled chemical dosing pump
    • 1984 – World’s first microprocessor-based hand held pH meter
    • 1985 – World’s first pH electrode with built in temperature sensor
    • 1986 – World’s first electronic pocket-sized pH tester
    • 1988 – World’s first pre-amplified pH electrode
    • 1990 – World’s first waterproof portable pH meter
    • 1991 – World’s first replaceable electrode pH pocket tester
    • 1992 – World’s first portable pH meter with plain-paper printing
    • 1995 – World’s first pocket thermometer with cal-check feature
    • 1997 – World’s first pH tester with double junction electrode
    • 1999 – World’s first pH/temperature tester with dual level LCD
    • 2000 – World’s first multi-parameter (pH/conductivity/temperature) pocket tester
    • 2002 – World’s first colorimeter with cal-check feature
    • 2003 – World’s first pH meter with calibration check feature
    • 2004 – World’s first process pH meter with integrated cellular communication
    • 2005 – World’s first single parameter line of auto titrators for wine testing
    • 2006 – World’s first pre-amplified probe multi parameter portable meter
  • ProductCatalog ID/Model No.Specs/FeaturesCategoryPrice
    edge­® – Multiparameter MeterHI 2020Portable Multiparameter meter (pH, EC or DO)LaboratoryN/A
    pH/ISE and Conductivity Bench MeterHI 4522Bench Meter (pH/ORP/ISE + EC/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity)LaboratoryN/A
    Automatic Titration SystemHI 902CAuto Titration System with meter (pH, ORP and ISE)LaboratoryN/A
    Multiparameter PhotometerHI 83200Photometer, RechargableLaboratoryN/A
    Multiparameter MeterHI 9829Potable Multiparameter Meter (15 parameters)Field , EnvironmentN/A
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