World Precision Instruments, Inc.

wpi-globeWorld Precision Instruments, Inc. (WPI) founded in 1967 is a leading global provider of powerful, cutting-edge laboratory solutions for the life sciences. Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, the company’s mission is to offer the broadest range of instruments and tools, to enable professionals throughout the biomedical community to conduct research that is more thorough, more efficient and more accurate. From muscle physiology and cardiovascular physiology, to cell biology and free radical research, WPI provides the equipment needed to ensure success.

Today, with more than 45 years of experience, the WPI offering can be categorized into three broad segments:¬†Laboratory supplies, Physiology and Spectroscopy. With more than 5000 robust products, and offices around the globe, WPI is the world’s leading provider of muscle physiology equipment from single cell to whole organ. Their latest catalog includes a quality line of affordable laboratory glassware, neuroscience brain cannulas, data acquisition systems, digital cameras, glass capillaries, pre-pulled glass micropipettes, microsyringe pumps, fiber optic spectrometers, micromanipulators and electrodes, as well as new, state-of-the-art offerings such as a popular line of inexpensive microdissecting instruments, adjustable pipettes and binocular microscopes.


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