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Next Generation Sequencing

Study Identifies Individuals Resilient to Severe Genetic Diseases

Researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City have discovered that certain individuals have the ability to survive genetic disorders that usually have severe or lethal consequences. A genetic screen of almost 600000 healthy people identified 13 of them carrying mutations in essential genes. The study has been published in the […]


Illumina Partners with 4 Biobanks to Genotype Their Collections

Illumina has signed agreements with Vanderbilt University, University of Colorado at Anschutz Medical Campus, Partners HealthCare, and Montreal Heart Institute to genotype their sample collections. Illumina’s technology will initially analyze 200000 samples and combine the obtained genomic data with clinical records to identify the genetic causes of several diseases. Illumina’s sequencing technology, Infinium® Expanded Multi-Ethnic Genotyping Array […]

nanopore diagnostics logo

Nanopore Diagnostics Raises $600000 to Develop the iNDxer

American startup Nanopore Diagnostics has raised $600000 to develop The iNDxer, a device to detect bacterial infections. The money, provided by the Missouri Technology Corporation and other minor investors, will be allocated to conduct clinical trials that will validate the use of the Nanopore Diagnostics’ device by physicians. Nanopore Diagnostics CEO Tom Cohen was mistakenly […]

pancreatic cells

Pancreatic Cells Originated from Human Skin Revert Diabetes in Mice

Researchers from the Gladstone Institutes and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) have created for the first time functional pancreatic cells from human skin cells. Diabetic mice transplanted with the insuline-producing cells could control their glucose levels. The innovative cell reprogramming protocol will allow to scale up cell production and use them in disease modelling, […]

Local Anesthesia Release Triggered by Light

A team of scientists from Harvard Medical School and the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a system to release anesthesia locally upon irradiation. Drug administration can be controlled by varying the irradiance and the time of irradiation. The study has been published in the journal Nano Letters. Systemic administration of analgesics acts on the whole nervous […]

Ibuprofen Patch Releases Drug for 12 Hours

Researchers from the University of Warwick have created the first patch with effective doses of ibuprofen. Developed in association with the spinout Medherant, and using polymer technology of the adhesive company Bostik, the patch delivers the painkiller through the skin, directly to the desired area. The patch is a transparent, adhesive polymer matrix that can hold 30% […]

Wired from the inside

One of the latest revolutions at the intersection of medicine and technology are wearable electronics, although still a technology in development, here I want to present you a summary of products already in the pipeline. For instance, swedish researchers are working on what they call “epidermal electronics”: flexible, biodegradable skin patches full of sensors and […]

Illumina Accelerates Four Selected Startups

Illumina has announced the winners of the third round of its accelerator program. The genomics company will invest in four biotech startups that work on nutrition, synthetic biology, the skin microbiome and reproductive health. The companies -MetaMixis, Vitagene, Skinomics and NextGen Jane- will receive support in many fronts. Apart from seed investment, they will receive $40 million from the Illumina Accelerator Boost […]