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Robotic Lab Offers Now CRISPR Gene Editing

The robotic laboratory Transcriptic will add CRISPR gene editing to its services. Apart from the wet lab part of the job, Transcriptic offers CRISPR library design algorithms thanks to a collaboration with the London based software company Desktop Genetics. Transcriptic is a Californian company that offers a fully automated cell and molecular biology laboratory. Research […]

Biotechnica, Europe’s No.1 Event for Lab Tech, in Hannover

Biotechnica 2015, Europe´s most important event for biotechnology, life science and lab technology, will take place in Hannover between October 6th and 8th. This year, Biotechnica will be celebrated in conjunction with Labvolution, a trade show that covers lab technology from industry sectors other than biotechnology. Both events will explore current trends towards biologization and digitalization. […]

BioChain Presents a Totally Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Platform

BioChain has released the AnaPrep (Automated Nucleic Acid Preparation System), a nucleic acid extraction platform based on magnetic beads technology. The process consists of three simple steps: 1. Load samples, 2. Run program, 3. Collect purified samples. Highly pure nucleic acids from different materials like blood, tissue, formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue, and many […]

BioTek presents an Ultra High Performance Plate Reader

BioTek presents the Synergy™ Neo2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader, the fastest and best performing plate reader on the market. Their patented Hybrid Technology™ with its independent optical paths ensures uncompromised performance. Gary Barush, Director of Marketing & Sales, states “For years BioTek has led the evolution of multi-mode detection. We are proud to introduce this top-of-the-line […]

Tecan Presents the D300e Digital Dispenser

Tecan has presented the new D300e Digital Dispenser, a fast and reliable automated dispenser that streamlines titration workflows. The D300e easily handles picoliter volumes and saves the time of setting up plates. It can dispense aqueous solutions for proteins and nucleic acids experiments or with DMSO for small molecule studies. The Tecan D300e has many […]

Automated Cell Culture System To Improve In Vitro Studies

  Fluidigm Corporation announced last week the CallistoTM, a microfluidic cell culture system  that can revolutionize the development of in vitro cell models. With this fully automated system, manual procedures and long hours at the bench are avoided. This will allow consistent results, homogeneity, accuracy and reproducibility of protocols, key aspects for stem cell and cell-based research. Stem cell and other cell researchers rely on complex cell culture protocols that are difficult to reproduce and result in highly […]

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Labcritics’ Small Step to Streamline Decision Making

Labcritics is proud to announce its first major step towards becoming a decision support system for researchers. A place where researchers/decision makers can quickly decide on a product, find a trust-able distributor and initiate first contact. INCOMPLETE INFO What started as a blog a year ago, we soon realized that the currently available sources of […]