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New $0.2 Centrifuge To Replace $1000 Worth Clinical Equipment

Centrifuges are the cornerstone of clinical labs to diagnosing diseases, but unfortunately they cost upwards of thousands of dollars and require electricity, making them useless in remote locations. However, a simple centuries old toy could be the answer to separating blood and plasma. Invented (or you could say discovered/repurposed) by Stanford scientists which includes Manu Prakash (who […]

Bio Spa8, incubator

BioTek Releases the BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator

BioTek, the leader company in microplate instrumentation and software, has released the BioSpa 8 automated incubator. The Bio Spa 8 allows for unattended workflow automation by connecting instruments like microplate dispensers and imaging systems. BioSpa 8 features The BioSpa 8 can automate workflow for 8 microplates. A robotic arm moves the plates between BioSpa 8’s drawers […]

Free Trial of oCelloScope, a 3D Scanner for Microbiological Analysis

Phillips is offering a free 3-week trial of oCelloScope, an automated 3D optical scanner of biological samples. The new instrument measures bacterial growth much faster than any other existing methods. This high-throughput screening device features high resolution images and time-lapse videos that produce reliable growth curves. Measurements can be performed in samples such as blood, urine, milk or water. oCelloScope […]

Robotic Lab Offers Now CRISPR Gene Editing

The robotic laboratory Transcriptic will add CRISPR gene editing to its services. Apart from the wet lab part of the job, Transcriptic offers CRISPR library design algorithms thanks to a collaboration with the London based software company Desktop Genetics. Transcriptic is a Californian company that offers a fully automated cell and molecular biology laboratory. Research […]

Shimadzu Launches an LC-MS with Two Flow Lines

Shimadzu has released the Nexera MX, an ultra-fast liquid cromatography-mass spectrometry tandem with capability to analyze twice the number of samples than current LC-MS systems. Workflow is improved with alternate injection of samples in two analytical flow lines. There is a number of standard steps in LC-MS analysis workflow: sample aspiration, injection in column, elution, detection […]

A Small Flow-Cytometer with Full Clinical Capabilities

BD Biosciences has launched the BD FacsVia, a small flow-cytometer with full clinical capabilities like leucodepletion testing for blood product manufacturing. The FacsVia improves quality control and workflow efficiency, it has a small footprint and a low cost. The BD FacsVia has been designed with the idea of dealing better with problems like rising costs, new […]

New Kits for Gyrolab Miniaturized Immunoassays

The leading company in automated and miniaturized immunoassays Gyros AB has launched new kits to improve workflow and increase productivity of their last devices, the Gyrolab xP workstation and Gyrolab xPlore. The new tools are the Gyrolab™ CHO-HCP and the Gyrolab Human IgG Titer Kits. The company will showcase these kits at the BPI 2015 on 26-29 October in Boston, […]

WaferGen Presents the Latest Device for Single-Cell Isolation

WaferGen has launched the ICELL8 Single Cell System, a device capable of isolating 1800 single cells and identifying them thanks to CellSelect imaging and software. Multiple experiments can be carried out on a chip. The ICELL8, presented at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) meeting, will advance the drug discovery process and contribute to basic research […]