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New Quantitative Pathology Imaging System Vectra 3

Perkin Elmer has released a new system for quantitative pathology imaging research, the Vectra 3. The automated, high-throughput device has seven color multiplexing and visualization capabilities that allow researchers to reach a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms. The Vectra 3 can quantify and phenotype immune cells in fixed tissues, which can help researchers understand the role of […]

Biogel Delivers Anti-Cancer Agents Directly to Tumors

Researchers from the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM) have developed an injectable biogel that can deliver anti-cancer agents directly into the tumors. The technique, tested in vitro, consists in encapsulating antitumoral cells or drugs, allowing their direct administration to the tumor area instead of distributing them to the entire body through the bloodstream. The study has […]

Antibody-Activated Leukemia Cells Kill Their Sisters

A team of scientists from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) has found a way to transform leukemia cells in Natural Killers (NK) that attack other leukemia cells around them. The binding of an antibody to the cancerous cells membrane receptors triggers a cascade of events that ends up with the cells becoming fratricidal. The finding […]

New Immunotherapy Based on Magnetic Cells

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University have found a way to improve immunotherapy with magnetic nanoparticles. The researchers used magnetic cells with artificial antigens to extract tumor-specific white blood cells. From that enriched starting culture, a 1000-fold expansion of human tumor-specific T cells was achieved in 1 week. The work was published in ACS Nano. Our […]