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Bruker Presents New Scientific Instruments at Analytica 2016

Bruker Corporation introduced new scientific instruments and analytical solutions at the Analytica Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology held this month in Munich. The new tools improve sensitivity and productivity in the pharmaceutical, applied and industrial markets. Applied and Pharmaceutical Markets The SENTERRA II is a Raman microscope with various acquisition modes to optimize spatial resolution […]


Phasefocus Introduces the Livecyte Kinetic Cytometer

Phasefocus has announced the launch of the Livecyte Kinetic Cytometer, an innovative live cell imaging system for the observation of cell phenotype and kinetics. Individual cells and cell populations can be followed without labeling, and several fluorescent measurements can be done for different drug treatments or cell types in a single experiment. The Livecyte technology allows label-free, non-invasive tracking […]


Miniaturized Microscopes Allow Unprecedented Observation of Spinal Cord Cells

Astrocytes, a kind nervous cells that do not conduct electrical signals, react to sensations. Thanks to tiny microscopes developed at the Salk Institute, researchers have discovered that these cells have more roles that previously thought. The new technology will help understand touch and pain phenomena in the spinal cord. The findings were published in the journal Nature […]


CRISPRainbow Allows to Tag Seven Genomic Loci Simultaneously

Researchers from University of Massachusetts Medical School have developed a new technique to simultaneously track up to seven genomic locations in live cells. The CRISPRainbow system is based on the genomic editing tool CRISPR/Cas9. The study was published in the journal Nature Biotechnology. The three-dimensional structure of the genome has important consequences in gene expression. Genes can […]

HIV Smartphone

FDA Allows Release of HIV Diagnostic Device

The medical technology company Beckton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell the FACSPresto™ and the FACSPresto™ CD4/Hb Cartridge, two systems designed to detect lymphocytes and hemoglobin in HIV/AIDS patients’ blood. The FACSPresto system is a 6 kg fluorescent imaging cytometer and absorbance spectrometer that obtains absolute […]

SIM image of platelets. Professor Dan Cutler, UCL

Super-Resolution Microscopy to Diagnose Rare Platelet Disorder

A team of scientists led by a research group at University College London have developed a super-resolution microscopy method to diagnose a rare bleeding disease. The new method is more accessible and allows a more accurate diagnosis of platelet disorders. The results were published in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. Platelets are blood components that adhere to […]

STED HeLa cell

Leica and the Biomedical Center (BMC) in Munich Open Bioimaging Center

Leica Microsystems and the Biomedical Center (BMC) of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich have announced the opening of the Leica Bioimaging Center, a core facility at the BMC for the use of bioimaging in applied cell research. Leica will use the premises as a reference and demo center. The new facilities are aimed to foster collaboration between microscope developers […]

10 Times More Memory Than Previously Calculated

Researchers from Salk Institute and the University of Austin, Texas have discovered that the memory capacity of the brain is 10 times higher than previously estimated. By examining the size of neural connections, the neuroscientists were also able to understand why brains are so energetically efficient. The study, published in eLife, will help create more potent and efficient computers. […]