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Antimicrobial 3D Printed Teeth

A team of scientists has developed a 3D printing material that kills bacteria on contact. Material scientist Andreas Herrmann, from the University of Groningen, collaborated with orthodontist Yijin Ren from the Kolff Institute to print dental implants that eliminate microbes. The study was published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials. 3D printing is changing manufacturing processes in […]

3D Nanosculptures Created with Electron Microscopy

Researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed a method to design 3D sculptures at atomic level with an electron microscope. The crystalline structures size is between 1 and 2 nm and the creation process can be followed in real time with atomic resolution. The structure can be shaped at will modifying the electron beam […]

3D Printing is not Innocuous for Health

Researchers from the University of California, Riverside have discovered that the material in some 3D printed objects is surprisingly harmful to living things. The finding happened unexpectedly when a team member designed and used 3D printed objects for her research with zebrafish embryos, which died shortly after being in contact with the objects. The study […]

Cella Medical Solutions wins Adecco Award

The Spanish 3D printing company Cella Medical Solutions won the Adecco “Idea Joven Más Brillante” 2015 Award to the brightest idea from a young entrepreneur. With the €10000 award, the human resources company recognizes the efforts of innovative startups from Spain. Cella Medical Solutions is a recently constituted company that intends to print organ replicas in 3D for surgery planification […]

A smartphone accessory to detect sickle cell disease

A team of scientists from four top American universities have developed a smartphone attachment that allows to detect sickle cell disease. The 3D printed device uses the phone´s camera and an application. Composed of magnets, a microcapillary and optical components, it can detect the density of red blood cells in deoxygenated conditions and thus identify the […]