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New Imaging Techniques Allow Super Resolution Live Cell Imaging

Scientists at the Janelia Research Campus at Howard Hughes Medical Institute have developed new imaging methods that vastly improve resolution in structured illumination microscopy (SIM), a very advanced live cell imaging technique. The researchers have generated two new technologies based on SIM that improve the speed and non-invasiveness of image acquisition. The findings were published in the journal Science. Super-resolution optical microscopy has […]


Illumina to Genotype 2M Irish Animals

Illumina will genotype two million animals for the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF). The federation is carrying out a €300 million Beef Data and Genomics Program, funded by the Irish government.  The ICBF current mission is to genetically improve the Irish cattle herd and to make it more sustainable, environmentally and economically. From 2015 to 2020, the non-profit ICBF will gather samples of […]


Artificial Nerve-like Structures Made with a Biological System

Scientists from Sandia National Laboratories have used natural proteines to create nerve-like structures out of artificial polymers. The biologically linked nanotubes could convey electrical impulses. The breakthrough study, published in the journal Nanoscale, opens the doors to the use of these novel structures as a painless interface between nerve ends and prosthetic limbs. Electrodes are electrical conductors used […]


3D Printed Microfish Used for Detoxification

Functionalizing the microfish. Platinum nanoparticles are loaded into the tail for propulsion via reaction with hydrogen peroxide. Next, iron oxide nanoparticles are loaded into the head for magnetic control. Image credit: W. Zhu and J. Li, UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering.Nanoengineers from the University of California, San Diego have developed fish-shaped microrobots that swim in […]


ProteinSimple Launches Hassle-free Western Blot

ProteinSimple has launched a total protein assay for its Simple Western product. The Total Protein Master Kit allows users to detect all proteins separated in the assay simultaneously without the need for an antibody. The new kit is good news to researchers who currently go through the whole western blot protocol just to visualize and quantitate […]


Universal Flu Vaccine Successful in Animals

Two independent research groups have successfully tested a universal flu vaccine in animals. Mice, ferrets and monkeys were infected with different flu strains and treated with the same vaccine. The experimental vaccine prevented the animals death or reduced the flu symptoms. A similar vaccine for humans would make unnecessary the annual flu vaccine reformulation and vaccination, […]


AMSBIO Expands Range of Adeno-associated Virus Services

  AMSBIO has introduced an expanded range of Adeno-associated virus (AAV) cloning and packaging services. AAV is a small (20 nm), replication-defective, nonenveloped, non-pathogenic virus which infects humans and some other primate species. Gene therapy vectors using AAV can infect both dividing and quiescent cells and stay in a non-integrative way. Clinical trials show that AAV are safe and stable. For all […]


New Additions to the Fluent Liquid Handling Platform

Tecan has launched new hardware and software options to increase the possibilities of the Fluent Laboratory Automation Solutions. The new air displacement Flexible Channel Arm offers high definition liquid handling, greater accuracy and precision. The new system is simpler and increases lab productivity, and is specially suited to high throughput genomics applications. The FluentControl™ software has been […]


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