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Rising of Juno for Production Genomics

Fluidigm just launched its new SNP genotyping platform with pre-amplification called Juno. The new platform targets the production genomics market segment specifically those involved in the industrial application of genetics. This new sample prep engine is a breakthrough of traditional SNP genotyping with its short turnaround time of less than three hours and the ability to genotype […]


Move Over CRISPR, Much Safer Genomic Editor Is Here

In light of the biotechnological breakthrough of the genomic editor CRISPR, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine led by Mark Kay discover a safer and longer-lasting approach – one that allows scientists to replace faulty or disease-causing genes with working copies, in hopes of treating genetic diseases – and has shown promise in […]

real-time PCR

Low-Cost Crowdfunded PCRs Let Non-Scientists Peek Into DNA

Two new Kickstarter projects are looking to provide low cost PCRs to citizen scientists hoping to peek into their own DNA. Mini PCR and Open qPCR, are currently seeking funding to give DIY scientists the basic genomics research tool. While Open qPCR is aiming at garage scientists with its $1300 Real-Time PCR Thermocycler, miniPCR is aiming […]

OpenTrons Liquid Handling

OpenTrons: Open-Sourced Liquid Handling for Wet-Labs

An open-source project is seeking funding on Kickstarter to build a low cost liquid handling robot for small, medium and garage sized laboratories. The project called OpenTrons seeks to create a cheap and easy-to-use liquid handling robot called OT.One that pipettes small amount of liquids faster and without error. Liquid handling in one of the most common […]


Secretive Technology Behind Google’s Cancer Detecting Pill

Google’s super-secretive life science research lab at Google X is working on a magnetized pill that helps diagnose cancer, predict heart attacks and other diseases in the quickest time possible. The Nanoparticle platform, as it is being called, is combined with a wearable device that controls and receives signals from the magnetic pill. While many other […]


Beckman Partners with NEB to Streamline NGS

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and New England Biolab’s (NEB) are partnering to improve sample preparation of  Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) kit. While Beckman will distribute, develop and support automation for NEBNext sample preparation kits, NEB will bring expertise in reagents, chemistry and protocols. The partnership will allow automation of high throughput NGS processes with a faster workflow. […]

Microscope close up

High Speed 3D Imaging of Cells In-Vivo By Nobel Laureate

The winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry are reporting on another Nobel winning development in the area of cell imaging. The development enables high speed three dimensional in-vivo imaging of cells without damaging the structure of the cell or its components. Nobel Prize winning scientist Eric Betzig and a team of researchers from Janelia […]

DNA Second Code

AB SCIEX & Illumina Create a Multi-Omics Environment

AB SCIEX and Illumina are announcing OneOmics: a combination of Next Generation Proteomics (NGP) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in existing cloud-computing environment. “The integration of proteomic and genomic data analysis through a partnership with AB SCIEX and Illumina is an exciting collaboration that will bring democratization of computational efforts, general access and standardization of data […]


Sorting Ten Billion Bacterial Cells in 30 Minutes

A high-throughput method developed by a mechanical engineer has proven to be capable of sorting through 10 billion bacterial cells in 30 minutes. The immense improvement over the previous flow based single-cell sorting relies on differentiating cells by their characteristic surface free energies. Unlike Single-cell based sorting in flow cytometric and microfluidic cell sorters which […]

HPLC GC systems

Agilent and Shimazu Support Each Others GC Systems

Agilent Technologies and Shimadzu Corp are announcing the release of RapidControl.NET GC Instrument control drivers for their respective Gas Chromatography Data Systems. Announced last year in May with the aim to preserving customer investments, Agilent and Shimadzu are taking huge steps towards opening their respective systems. Agilent’s OpenLAB CDS will now support Shimadzu’s GC-2010, GC-2010 Plus […]

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