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Discovery of Nanotubes that Mediate Stem Cell Signaling

A new kind of microtubule-based nanotubes has been discovered by scientists at the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The nanotubes communicate stem cells with their niche, and are thought to play a role in limiting the stem cell renewal signals to one of the two cells […]


Epigenetic marks associated with aging can predict cancer

A recent study demonstrates that epigenetic marks generally associated with aging are actually indicators of cancer. Scientists from the RWTH Aachen University Medical School have published in PLoS Genetics a work that analyzes DNA methylation (DNAm) patterns in normal and malignant tissues. Qiong Lin and Wolfgang Wagner discovered that normal tissue epigenetic marks can have age-predictive […]


A new photoactivatable CRISPR/Cas9 engineered

The genome editing tool CRISPR/Cas has been engineered in many different ways since it first appeared. The last innovation comes from the University of Tokyo, where the group lead by Dr. Moritoshi Sato has created a photoactivatable CRISPR/Cas9. Genome edition can now be more precisely directed, in time and space: a ray of light can […]


New Method Predicts Protein Motion from Static Structures

Researchers from Oregon Science and Health University have gone further in the understanding of protein motion. The study “Parsimony in Protein Conformational Change” has been published in Structure and contains advances in how proteins move to perform their functions. This discovery can have an impact in the understanding of certain diseases at a molecular level and in the […]


Agreement Between Juno and Celgene for Immunotherapies Development

Celgene Corporation and Juno Therapeutics will partner for the following 10 years to create innovative immunotherapies for patients of cancer and autoimmune diseases. The first efforts will be directed to the Chimeric Antigen Receptor Technology (CAR-T) and T Cell Receptor (TCR) technologies developed by Juno. The collaboration brings together the leading small molecule and protein capabilities of Celgene and the advanced engineered […]


Thermo Scientific Presents MS with Enhanced Sensitivity: Tribrid

Thermo Scientific presents its latest, hipersensitive mass spectrometer. The Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid Mass Spectrometer will be exhibited at the 63rd Annual American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference in St. Louis. The new instrument features enhanced sensitivity resulting in improved analyte detection, characterization and quantitation, enabling scientists to perform more comprehensive sample analyses faster and […]


Automated Cell Culture System To Improve In Vitro Studies

  Fluidigm Corporation announced last week the CallistoTM, a microfluidic cell culture system  that can revolutionize the development of in vitro cell models. With this fully automated system, manual procedures and long hours at the bench are avoided. This will allow consistent results, homogeneity, accuracy and reproducibility of protocols, key aspects for stem cell and cell-based research. Stem cell and other cell researchers rely on complex cell culture protocols that are difficult to reproduce and result in highly […]


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