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Scientific Articles Will Be Visually Disseminated by an Infographics Journal

A science blogger started this month a crowdfunding campaign to launch the first infographics journal. Draw Science transforms research articles into concise, understandable pictures. The journal will break the communication barrier between scientists and the general public. Viputheshwar Sitaraman is the founder of the blog of the same name, Draw Science. Lengthy, jargon-filled research articles […]

Pittcon 2015

Updated: Pittcon 2015 Launches and Announcements

The annual 2015 Pittsburgh Conference just concluded in New Orleans with torrent of announcements and conferences. Below are some of the notable announcements from the mecca of analytical equipment. Thermo Fisher –  Thermo Fisher announced the launch of the curiously named Vanquish ultra high-performance liquid chromatography. Equipped with Thermo Fisher’s Chromeleon Chromatography Data System, the […]

genetics database

23andMe Begins Sorting Through its Vast Genetic Database

With a genetic database of 850,000 people at its personal disposal and the newly hired ex-CSO of Genentech onboard, 23andMe is stepping into Biotech realm with the hopes of mining new drug targets. After getting into trouble with the FDA over its genetic future predicting $99 tests, 23andMe since then has began its stride towards […]


Nanopore Cage Allows for Experiments in Single DNA Molecule

Researchers from Brown University have created the first cage that can hold a single DNA molecule. The finding, published this month in Nature Communications, will allow performing single-molecule experiments in a physically defined space of 6.2 femtoliters helping avoid diffusion-related problems of biopolymers in solution that make it difficult to study the same molecule for a […]

Smartphone Diagnosis

Quick Smartphone Based HIV Test

“There’s an app for that!” this particular sentence now holds even true for low cost STD tests on smartphones. To be technically correct, there’s an app and a microfluidic dongle that test for HIV and syphilis in less than 15 minutes. Lead by Samuel K. Sia who earlier were responsible for the mChip. The Columbia […]

Confirmed Vibrational Bond

New Chemical Bond Confirmation Calls to Revise Science Textbooks

Researchers in Canada have proven the existence of a hypothetical chemical bond called ‘vibrational bond’, predicted more than 25 years ago. The bond hypothesized by Donald Fleming from University of British Columbia way back in 1989, was confirmed by researchers in a reaction between bromine and muonium- a hydrogen isotope. Fleming had predicted the formation of an intermediate […]

MinION Oxford Nanopore

MinION Data from Human Gene Sequencing Released

University of Toronto scientists have released data on the first reported use of Oxford Nanopore’s MinION to sequence human DNA. With a low throughput sequencing rate, the device is not recommended for sequencing high complexity genes. Its best suited and recommended for low complexity bacterial, viral and simple eukaryote gene sequencing. However, the researchers believe […]

Nanoscale 3D printing

New High Precision 3D Printer Line Launched at CES

A startup known as Old World Labs is presenting its new line of nanoscale 3D printers at the annual 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Not sure why CES was chosen to launch something that is meant for labratories, the 3D printer is aimed for scientific research that requires nano-scale precision. The new line […]

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