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Sharklet Micropattern: The New Antimicrobial Technology

Sharklet, the first antimicrobial technology based solely on micropattern, is developed by Sharklet Technologies, Inc. and is one of the countless innovations in the field of biomimicry. Founder Dr. Anthony Brennan was inspired by the ability of sharks’ skin to repel fouling organisms while on his search for a solution to reduce the use of […]


Chinese Scientists Use CRISPR to Engineer First Human Embryo

In a remarkably bold and landmark study, scientists in China have reportedly edited genes in human embryos to erase a fatal blood disorder. Published in Protein & Cell, researchers led by Sun Yat-sen at University of Guangzhou are confirming the widespread rumours about human trails of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. The rumours sparked widespread debates about […]


Mobile App and Biosensing Platform for Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Harvard researcher Hadi Shafiee and his team from Florida Atlantic University and Stanford University have developed a new biosensing platform by integrating cellulose paper and flexible polyester films with various sensing modalities using antibodies and peptides. Such biosensing platform can be applied in point-of-care diagnostics, and the team has proved selective and accurate detection of […]


TIME’s 5 Most Influential Women Scientists You Should Know

The contribution of women to the progress of science and medicine is gaining recognition since the past few decades and their achievements cannot be disregarded. This year’s TIME 100 has named these five as the most influential women scientists in the fields of infectious diseases, medicine and genetics. Dr. Joanne Liu She assumed the role […]


Shape-Shifting DNA Devices Show Promising Future for Nanotechnology

Researchers from Technische Universität München have created reversible DNA structures taking advantage of the weak DNA stacking interactions. The authors created devices such as a nanorobot and a pair of nanoscissors that could change their conformation by switching the temperature of the salt concentration. This advance in DNA nanotechnology, published in Science, paves the way […]

Protein Structure and Function

New Technique Reveals Dual Properties of Proteins Involved in DNA Repair

University of Illinois researchers have discovered an avant-garde way of identifying the structure and functions of proteins using the combination of two innovative technique called simultaneous fluorescence microscopy and optical trapping. Scientists until now have used two separate techniques to study structure of a protein and the role they play in the cell. It mostly […]

Virus aitiviral

2D IR Spectroscopy Shows How Molecule Tricks Viruses to Destroy Themselves

A new discovered molecule with rapid shape shifting abilities has shown potential in destroying highly persistent HIV viruses by turning their greatest strength against them: their ability to rapidly mutate. In a scenario that sounds straight out of a hollywood spy thriller, researchers at MIT and University of Chicago discovered that the stealth molecule currently […]

Thermo Scientific

Low Energy Lab Cooling Without Compromising Sample Integrity

Thermo Scientific is announcing a new ultra-low temperature freezer especially designed to save energy without compromising the integrity of your sweat soaked samples. What specifically made us write about these often ignored pieces of lab gear, is the amount of innovation that went into making these continuously running lab tech more efficient. The Thermo Scientific […]


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