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The image (above) shows a metamaterial hyperlens. The light-colored slivers are gold and the darker ones are PMMA (a transparent thermoplastic). Light passes through the hyperlens improving the resolution of very small objects. (Img: University of Buffalo)

Hyperlens to Enable Hypermagnification in Optical Microscopy

Scientists at the University of Buffalo are pushing the limits of microscopy with their new hyperlens. Currently in prototype stage, this new hyperlens is developed by a team of researchers from the university’s electrical engineering department headed by Professor Natalia Litchinitser. In order to achieve unnatural magnification, the team has developed the new hyperlens using […]

Transcriptic Robotics

Transcriptic Partners with IndieBio to Provide Automated Lab Outsourcing Services For Startups

Transcriptic and IndieBio, a San Francisco based biotech accelerator are partnering together to provide selected startups with free robotic cloud services as part of IndieBio’s next acceleration program. Transcriptic, a silicon valley based startup is trying out the often used marketing model applied by cloud internet providers and illegal drug dealers. Initially providing free services […]


Leica integrates Digital Light Sheet and Confocal Microscopy in the Leica TCS SP8 DLS

Leica Microsystems will present the TCS SP8 DLS  in the ELMI meeting 2015 in Sitges, Spain. With the introduction of the TwinFlect Mirror, Leica has transformed the True Confocal System (TCS)  SP8 into a Digital Light Sheet (DLS) microscope. This innovative approach allows researchers to stick to classical methods of sample preparation and retains the […]


InSilico DB: A Startup That Does The Bioinformatics For You

Biology today is increasingly dependent on IT: genome-wide experiments yield massive amounts of data and there is a growing need for big data analysis. Public repositories allow consulting and downloading files from fellow researchers but raw genomic data analysis requires programming skills. This process consumes time and computer power, and updating results is usually a problem. […]


New DNA-Linked Superlattices of Nanoparticles Assembly Strategy Using Directional Binding

Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory constructed well-defined 3D superlattices of spheres and blocks using polyhedral nanoblocks of either cubes or octahedrons via shape-induced directional binding facilitated by pairing of complementary strands of DNA. This new strategy opens possibilities towards designing 3D nanostructured materials from functional nanocomponents. Bonding directionality is […]

DNA Second Code

Genome-wide Mapping of DNA Repair Sites by XR-seq

A new method described by researchers at UNC Medical School allowed mapping the whole genome DNA repair sites for the first time. The authors, led by Professor Aziz Sancar, named their technique XR-seq (excision repair sequencing). The findings are relevant in the fight against cancer for they allow to pinpoint how repair is carried out […]


GeniPhys Commercializes Self-Assembling Collagen for Research and Medical Applications

Research team from Purdue University-based startup GeniPhys led by Associate Professor Sherry Harbin is commercializing their collagen polymers known as Collymers that exhibit uncommon self-assembly properties not seen in conventional collagen. These collagens work in a similar way as those in the body’s tissues – they polymerize to form fibrils. As such, they can be […]


Cleaver Scientific Makes DNA Electrophoresis Safer and Effortless

Cleaver Scientific is releasing new Safe series of DNA Electrophoresis kits/tools that remove the need for carcinogenic Ethidium Bromide stain and UV light. Using a new anti-mutagenic stain known by runSAFE, Clever Scientific is removing the need for known mutagen and carcinogen Ethidium Bromide that can cause the DNA which is being experimented on. Apart […]


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