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RNA repository

RNA Gets a Database to Call its Own

The RNAcentral Consortium is announcing the launch of RNAcentral a unified resource for non-coding RNA from all species. The open source RNA database has currently 8 million sequences aggregated from expert databases and partner institutes from around the world. RNA although an important part of the genetic makeup, until now had no database of its […]

Microscope Objective Thumbnail

Olympus Releases Dedicated Multiphoton Excitation Objectives

New dedicated multiphoton excitation (MPE) objectived from Olympus enables high resolution imaging of whole mouse brain live cells. The new XLPLN10XSVMP and XLSLPLN25XGMP objectives in the Olympus’ XLPLN series enable the imaging of large intact samples (whole mouse brain) and structural & molecular analysis of other large assembled biological systems at visible and infrared wavelengths. Why MPE microscopy? MPE microscopy combines scanning […]


Agilent Releases SureGuide Tools to Ease CRISPR/Cas Research

Agilent is releasing its next generation gene modification workflow tools called SureGuide encompassing all the tools needed for CRISPR/Cas research. SureGuide follows other such CRISPR/Cas gene modification (silencing, enhancing or replacing genes) tools from ASMBIO and others that are dedicated to streamline and advance genome editing. The SureGuide workflow includes a Cas9 Nuclease Kit, gRNA […]

IBM nanotech research

Artificial Nanoscale Factories Produce Biological Molecules

Researchers at ETH Zurich and IBM are reporting success in creating a nano biological assembly line, borrowing ideas from large factories. This is first time that researchers have had success in creating a nano assembly line that would enable assembly of new complex molecules. Researchers have long theorized the usefulness of such a system that […]

"Jeopardy!" & IBM Man V. Machine Press Conference

Watson Steps into Cancer Researcher’s Shoes

IBM’s Watson, the cognitive intelligence computer cum Jeopardy champion is treading into cancer research by managing to do in a day what takes 35 years for an average researcher to do. There is a flood of new research published each day from institutions and organizations around the world. Hoping to make sense of this data is […]

electron microscopy

Determining Atomic-Resolution Structures Using Electron Cryo-Microscopy

Electron cryo-microscopes have received a much needed update with new detector hardware and image processing software to determine complex molecular structures at resolutions as low as 4.5 Å. Researchers at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Tsinghua University have been able to improve electron cryo microscopes by outfitting detectors with a constant movie recorder and […]

Graphne transistor nanopores

MoS2 Paves Way for Improvements in Nanopore DNA Sequencing

Molybdenum disulfide has outclassed graphene as the material of choice for nanopore based DNA sequencing, with improved speed, cost and accuracy. Researchers at Univeristy of Illinois in Champaign are reporting on a breakthrough in DNA sequencing using molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) nanopores. The researchers were able to sequence DNA more accurately, inexpensively and quickly than any other method […]

silicon well DNA sequencing

Micro DNA Detection Using Terahertz Radiation

Russian scientists are reporting on a new label-free way to identify hard to read short strands of DNA by analyzing vibrations using tetrahertz radiation. While advances in nanopore technology have improved the speed and accuracy of entire DNA sequencing, biologists still face problems in characterizing short oligonucleotide strands. Researchers at St. Petersburg Academic University are reporting […]

Next Generation Sequencing

GENALICE MAP Processes Entire Genome in 30 mins

GENALICE announced an upgrade to its Next-Generation Sequencing software the GENALICE MAP, capable of processing the entire human genome in 30 mins. The GENALICE MAP DNA data processing software along with short read alignment also features 5-min Variant Calling. MAP comes installed in the company’s GENALICE VAULT, a hardware-software tool which uses a dual Intel […]

Protein structure diffraction

Damage-Free X-Ray Protein Crystal Studies

Researchers in Japan are reporting on a new damage-free technique of x-ray crystallographic studies, wherein instead of continuous bombardment with x-rays, the researchers record still diffraction patters at controlled rotation sequences with femtosecond pulses avoiding permanent radiation damage to the molecule. X-ray studies require scattering of bean by the atoms of the crystals to identify their […]

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