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GeniPhys Commercializes Self-Assembling Collagen for Research and Medical Applications

Research team from Purdue University-based startup GeniPhys led by Associate Professor Sherry Harbin is commercializing their collagen polymers known as Collymers that exhibit uncommon self-assembly properties not seen in conventional collagen. These collagens work in a similar way as those in the body’s tissues – they polymerize to form fibrils. As such, they can be […]


Cleaver Scientific Makes DNA Electrophoresis More Safer and Effortless

Cleaver Scientific is releasing new Safe series of DNA Electrophoresis kits/tools that remove the need for carcinogenic Ethidium Bromide stain and UV light. Using a new anti-mutagenic stain known by runSAFE, Clever Scientific is removing the need for known mutagen and carcinogen Ethidium Bromide that can cause the DNA which is being experimented on. Apart […]


Genome Editing Dampens Mitochondrial DNA Mutation Heritability

Researchers from Salk Institute in San Diego, CA have presented a breakthrough study on the elimination of defective mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). The use of genome editing tools -restriction endonucleases and transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs)-  allowed them to succesfully target specific mtDNA mutations and reduce their transgenerational tranmission. The tests have been carried out on mice […]

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Journal Lets Papers be Collectively Edited like Wikipedia Articles

An open access journal has succeeded in taking minor strides in bringing about innovation in scientific journal publishing by creating a Wikipedia like model of publishing papers that can theoretically be infinitely updated. Research papers have followed the same model of publishing that was popularised decades ago before the advent of the internet. However, one journal is […]


New Approach to Molecular Imprinting Improves Anticancer Compound Detection

The combination of molecular imprinting and quartz crystal microbalance techniques allowed researchers from Dumlupınar University in Turkey to detect the anticancer compound kaempferol (KAE) at high sensitivity and selectivity levels. This nanosensor determined the flavonoid content in fruit samples in real time. Flavonoids have antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties, and some researchers have attributed them pro-apoptotic […]


Sharklet Micropattern: The New Antimicrobial Technology

Sharklet, the first antimicrobial technology based solely on micropattern, is developed by Sharklet Technologies, Inc. and is one of the countless innovations in the field of biomimicry. Founder Dr. Anthony Brennan was inspired by the ability of sharks’ skin to repel fouling organisms while on his search for a solution to reduce the use of […]


Chinese Scientists Use CRISPR to Engineer First Human Embryo

In a remarkably bold and landmark study, scientists in China have reportedly edited genes in human embryos to erase a fatal blood disorder. Published in Protein & Cell, researchers led by Sun Yat-sen at University of Guangzhou are confirming the widespread rumours about human trails of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. The rumours sparked widespread debates about […]


Mobile App and Biosensing Platform for Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Harvard researcher Hadi Shafiee and his team from Florida Atlantic University and Stanford University have developed a new biosensing platform by integrating cellulose paper and flexible polyester films with various sensing modalities using antibodies and peptides. Such biosensing platform can be applied in point-of-care diagnostics, and the team has proved selective and accurate detection of […]


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