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Magnetic Stimulation to Be Used as an Alternative to Anti-Depressants

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the number of people with depression have increased by 18% since 2005. Researches show that antidepressant medications work only upto 60 – 70%, despite that lots of money is spent on them each year. Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA is one of the few […]

Wired from the inside

One of the latest revolutions at the intersection of medicine and technology are wearable electronics, although still a technology in development, here I want to present you a summary of products already in the pipeline. For instance, swedish researchers are working on what they call “epidermal electronics”: flexible, biodegradable skin patches full of sensors and […]

The Ultimate Neuronal Activity Sensor is Here

I made my PhD in the field of neuroscience, more specifically in neuroimaging. But contrary to what the term might suggest to many we didn’t focus on the brain as a whole but on the activity responses of single neurons. To be able to characterize its activity patterns we made use of 2-photon microscopes, a […]

New DNA-Linked Superlattices of Nanoparticles Assembly Strategy Using Directional Binding

Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory constructed well-defined 3D superlattices of spheres and blocks using polyhedral nanoblocks of either cubes or octahedrons via shape-induced directional binding facilitated by pairing of complementary strands of DNA. This new strategy opens possibilities towards designing 3D nanostructured materials from functional nanocomponents. Bonding directionality is […]

GeniPhys Commercializes Self-Assembling Collagen for Research and Medical Applications

Research team from Purdue University-based startup GeniPhys led by Associate Professor Sherry Harbin is commercializing their collagen polymers known as Collymers that exhibit uncommon self-assembly properties not seen in conventional collagen. These collagens work in a similar way as those in the body’s tissues – they polymerize to form fibrils. As such, they can be […]

Sharklet Micropattern: The New Antimicrobial Technology

Sharklet, the first antimicrobial technology based solely on micropattern, is developed by Sharklet Technologies, Inc. and is one of the countless innovations in the field of biomimicry. Founder Dr. Anthony Brennan was inspired by the ability of sharks’ skin to repel fouling organisms while on his search for a solution to reduce the use of […]

Mobile App and Biosensing Platform for Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Harvard researcher Hadi Shafiee and his team from Florida Atlantic University and Stanford University have developed a new biosensing platform by integrating cellulose paper and flexible polyester films with various sensing modalities using antibodies and peptides. Such biosensing platform can be applied in point-of-care diagnostics, and the team has proved selective and accurate detection of […]