Integra’s New PIPETBOY acu 2 for Advanced Serological Pipetting

pipetboy_ac2Integra Biosciences has announced the launch of its second generation PIPETBOY acu 2 serological pipettor. The new pipettor incorporates the latest technology to provide increased pipetting speed with significant reduction in weight.

The new Integra PIPETBOY acu 2 serological pipettor with its improved efficiency ergonomic design and precision makes the repeated monotonous task of liquid handing in laboratories easier. The pipettors are available in volume range of 1 to 100 ml and they are designed for use with all types of plastic and glass serological pipettes that are commercially available. The Turbo Mode makes it the fastest pipettor available in the market, achieving 20 percent higher pipetting speeds for large volume pipetting operations.

Integra PIPETBOY acu 2 serological pipettor can be controlled using two buttons and an adjustment wheel. It is powered by a reliable Lithium Polymer battery that offers an extended operating time of about 6.5 hours of non-stop pipetting. The device is available in 6 different colors and has a 3 year extended warranty, making it a dependable pipettor offering value for the money spent.


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