Scientific Articles Will Be Visually Disseminated by an Infographics Journal

A science blogger is seeking funds on to launch the first infographics journal called Draw Science.  The journal aims to transforms research articles into concise, understandable pictures that are easy on the eyes. A journal such as this can help to break the communication barrier between scientists and the general public.

Viputheshwar Sitaraman is the founder of the blog of the same name, Draw Science. Lengthy, jargon-filled research articles are an obstacle for media and the general public. With crowdfunding becoming the go to source of research funds, Draw Science is meant to fix the broken communication gap between the contributors and scientists. During the past nine months, Viputheshwar has been accepting submissions of research articles and transforming them into more visual infographics. Encouraged by the success, he has decided to create an open access infographic journal. The goal of the campaign he launched at is to cover expenses for the first two years of the journal’s life.

Draw Science could prove to be an excellent addition for science communication and eventually for science itself. It could help the media, students and laypeople understand the importance of basic and applied research; incidentally, research funding by public organisms will be better understood and supported.


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