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Hanna Instruments Edge

  • The edge is thin and lightweight pH, EC, and DO meter, measuring just 1⁄2” thick and weighing less than 9 ounces. Designed to be used both as a portable field meter to or a laboratory meter. It has an incredibly wide viewing angle, 5.5” LCD and a sensitive captive touch keypad that displays the ph, conductivity and oxygen measurements. edge measures pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen through Hanna's digital electrodes. These digital electrodes are auto-recognized, providing sensor type, calibration data and serial number when connected to edge with an easy to plug-in 3.5mm connector. It simplifies measurement, configuration, calibration, diagnostics, logging and transferring data to a computer or a USB drive. edge features Hanna’s exclusive CAL-CHECK® to warn you if the pH electrode you are using is not clean or if your buffers are contaminated during calibration. Indicators are also displayed for response time and probe condition that is based on the offset and slope of the electrode. Also included is SENSOR-CHECK for sensors with matching pin, warning if the pH bulb is cracked or if the junction of the electrode is clogged.
  • Model No. HI 2020
    Parameters Measured pH, EC, DO
    Electrodes HI11310, HI11311, HI12300,HI12310, HI10530 (EC) , HI10430 (DO)
    Output 5.5” LCD + Dual USB ports
    Controls Captive touch controls, 9 Keys
    pH Range -2.00 to 16.00 pH (Basic Mode)
    -2.000 to 16.000 pH (Standard Mode)
    +/-1000.0 mV for pH
    pH Resolution 0.01 pH, 0.001 pH
    0.1 mV
    pH Accuracy ±0.01 pH, ±0.002 pH
    Temperature Range -20.0 to 120.0°C; -4.0 to 248.0°F
    Temperature Accuracy @ 25°C/77°F ±0.5°C; ±1.0°F
    Other Features Rechargeable Battery
    Launch Date 2013
  • The edge has an impressive design that sets it apart from any other meter you have seen or worked with. Its ability to measure pH, dissolved oxygen and electrode conduction are on par with most of the other meters from Hanna Instruments.
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