Bruker Autoflex Speed MALDI-TOF(/TOF) for Greater Performance and Efficiency

bruker autoflexBruker announced the launch of new autoflex speed mass spectrometer at the recently concluded Pittcon 2014 in Chicago. This latest addition to the FlexTM series incorporates innovative MALDI-TOF (/TOF) technology to improve productivity and performance in both conventional MALDI applications and high-throughput operations.

The new autoflex speed allows for various system configurations depending on different applications. These include linear only mode, high resolution reflectron and TOF/TOF modes for a wide range of techniques and experiments particularly in MS/MS. The highlight of this new system is its exclusive smartbeamTM-II laser technology with 2 kHz repetition rate which enhances sensitivity and mass resolution thereby expanding its capabilities including LC-MALDI, MALDI Imaging and MALDI Biotyper microbiological molecular identification. The Ion Source self-cleaning and PANTM (panaromic) broadband mass focusing optimizes results with minimal instrument tuning.

The new autoflex speed therefore not only offers superior performance but also expands the range of prospective applications in MALDI-TOF and TOF/TOF, providing better solutions for researchers and scientists in diagnostics, industrial, clinical and applied analysis.

Source: Bruker

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