Hanna Instruments Multiparameter Photometer

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Multiparameter photometer

  • HI 83200 is one of the most versatile photometers on the market. Just one meter measures up to 44 methods critical to analyzing water quality.

    The optical system of HI 83200 is based on special subminiature tungsten lamps and narrow-band interference filters to guarantee both high performance and reliable results.

    HI 83200 has a powerful interactive user support that assists the user during the analysis process. A full tutorial is available in the Setup Menu, and the Help Menu provides assistance for every step in the measurement process. This meter can be connected to a PC via a USB cable, where the data can be managed with optional HI 92000 Windows® compatible software.

  • Model No HI 83200
    Parameters Measured Alkalinity, Aluminum, Ammonia LR, Ammonia MR, Bromine, Calcium, Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorine, Chromium VI HR, Chromium VI LR, Color of Water, Copper HR, Copper LR, Cyanuric Acid, Fluoride, Hardness-Ca, Hardness-Mg, Hydrazine, Iodine, Iron HR, Iron LR, Magnesium, Manganese HR, Manganese LR, Molybdenum, Nickel HR, Nickel LR, Nitrate, Nitrate HR, Nitrate LR, Dissolved Oxygen, Ozone, pH, Phosphate HR, Phosphate LR, Phosphorus, Potassium HR, Potassium LR, Potassium MR, Silica, Silver, Sulfate, Zinc
    Display Backlit LCD
    Output USB PC Connecter
    Compatible OS Windows®
    Power 12v DC + Rechargeable Batteries
  • The Hanna Multiparameter Photometer (HI2083) is a feature packed photometer that when accompanied with Hanna's methods and reagents provides researchers with the capability to measure a wide variety of parameters (Upto 44 parameters). It is well suited for measuring water quality measurement and has other important uses in laboratories.
    Reviews generally are from satisfied customers with very few performance issues. However, some have complained about the accompanied pipette's and the absence of any reagents to perform out of the box tests. These are minor issues that shouldn't be of much concern.
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