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Hanna Singapore is the Singaporean subsidiary of Hanna Instruments USA, a 40 year old lab equipment manufacturer that specializes in portable and benchtop meters. Hanna Singapore sells products directly from its USA headquarters and also provides training and service for its products in the asia pacific region.

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Hanna Singapore Products

ProductCatalog ID/Model No.Specs/FeaturesCategoryPrice
edge­® – Multiparameter MeterHI 2020Portable Multiparameter meter (pH, EC or DO)LaboratoryN/A
pH/ISE and Conductivity Bench MeterHI 4522Bench Meter (pH/ORP/ISE + EC/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity)LaboratoryN/A
Automatic Titration SystemHI 902CAuto Titration System with meter (pH, ORP and ISE)LaboratoryN/A
Multiparameter PhotometerHI 83200Photometer, RechargableLaboratoryN/A
Multiparameter MeterHI 9829Potable Multiparameter Meter (15 parameters)Field , EnvironmentN/A

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