BioCision Presents a Portable Cryogenic Container


CryoPod Carrier. Credit: BioCision.

In collaboration with Brook Automation, BioCision has created the CryoPod Carrier, the first portable container for cryogenic samples. Biological specimens and temperature-sensitive compounds (immunotherapeutic agents, vaccines) can be safely carried by hand inside the device, refrigerated with liquid nitrogen. The CryoPod has received awards from the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) and the European Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB) as the best new product and most innovative solution of the year.

Cryogenic transport currently relies on non-standardized methods that can’t maintain the optimal temperature for a defined time period, eventually affecting the viability of the samples. On the other hand, more trustworthy methods, like dry vapor shippers, are expensive and bulky. The CryoPod Carrier addresses both problems. It is a compact-sized container that can be carried by hand and has a magnetized foam lid. With a liquid nitrogen charge of 3L, the CryoPod can preserve samples at -150 ºC for four hours. An electronic display on the outer surface informs about the internal temperature, the date and time. Visual and audible alarms can be set to inform about any problem. The temperature and event history are recorded and can be downloaded.

The liquid nitrogen can be charged by hand or automatically replenished in a filling station in 15 minutes. The nitrogen is stored in a separate compartment, avoiding direct contact with the samples. The sample chamber can hold a standard freezer storage box.

The CryoPod is the ultimate device to ensure the maintenance of the cold chain in cryogenic transport.

Source: BioCision


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