Thermo Fisher Introduces Flexible All-In-One NGS Systems

NGS sequencer, BecnhtopNew benchtop Next Generation Sequencing Systems released by Thermo Fisher: designed with flexibility in mind for multiple research areas.

The Ion 5 and Ion S5 XL systems are designed to provide scientists with varying skill levels with a quick, flexible and cost-efficient (we are not so sure about this one) sequencing. It is designed keeping in mind research areas such as identifying inherited disorders & infections agents, microbial identification and translational cancer research. Based on Thermo Fisher’s Ion Torrent Technology, the system is capable of sequencing gene panels, custom assays, small genomes, transcriptomes and exomes.

Cartridges To Enable Plug-And-Play

Thermo Fisher is also introducing a reagent cartridge system to make it easier to setup the system and save time. While it will certainly speed things, it will also end up increasing costs and dependence on Thermo Fisher for reagent refills. Its the same model that companies such as HP and Canon employ for their home and business printers. Still it will make it easier to setup in academic and non-research environments and launch of compatible cartridges from reagent manufacturers will bring the costs further down. According to Thermo Fisher’s press release, the system just require 15 mins of setup time and 45 mins to get data from the aded DNA.

Ion S5 XL

The Ion S5 XL is designed for clinical research labs where there is a need for higher sample throughput at faster turnaround times. It offer 5M to 80M base pair reads in 2.5 hours, thanks to the new Ion 520, 530 and 540 chips.

Source: BusinessWire

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