Thermo Scientific Presents MS with Enhanced Sensitivity: Tribrid


Thermo Scientific presents its latest, hipersensitive mass spectrometer. The Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid Mass Spectrometer will be exhibited at the 63rd Annual American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference in St. Louis. The new instrument features enhanced sensitivity resulting in improved analyte detection, characterization and quantitation, enabling scientists to perform more comprehensive sample analyses faster and with better accuracy than ever before.

Sensitivity is the key aspect scientists appreciate in mass spectrometers. It improves the main needs for top-down proteomics: quantitation, identification and characterization. enhanced sensitivity will also help in multiplexing experiments where up to 10 samples are combined.

the Orbitrap Fusion Lumos MS combines the versatility of a Tribrid system with the selectivity of Orbitrap technology, and the sensitivity and speed rivaling that of a triple quadrupole instrument. The new features include:

  • Brightest ion source – up to 5x improvement in limits of quantitation for peptides and small molecules
  • Segmented quadrupole mass filter powered by Advanced Quadrupole Technology – increase in selectivity of the analysis by improving isolation resolution, ion transmission and peak shape
  • Advanced Vacuum Technology – enhancement in detection limits by improving transmission of ions to the Orbitrap mass analyzer
  • High-Definition ElectronTransfer Dissociation (ETD HD) – improvements in dynamic range and detection limits by performing ETD reaction on a larger precursor ion population, enabling greater sequence coverage in less time
  • ADAPT Technology – adjusts key parameters “on-the-fly” without prior knowledge of sample amount, enabling maximum protein identifications from samples of unknown concentration in a single run and saving the user time and sample
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