New High Precision 3D Printer Line Launched at CES

Nanoscale 3D printing
A startup known as Old World Labs is presenting its new line of nanoscale 3D printers at the annual 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Not sure why CES was chosen to launch something that is meant for labratories, the 3D printer is aimed for scientific research that requires nano-scale precision. The new line of 3D printers have 250x the resolution of most other 3D printers. Old World Labs is releasing MC-1 and MC-2 in the new line of printers that look like something out of an alien spaceship. MC-1 allows high-precision nano-scale photo fabrication intended for medical, engineering, scientific and defense laboratories. MC-2 although not already ready, features advanced control boards and can handle fabrication using multiple materials with its upgraded lasers. MC-2 will be available in the middle of 2015.

Helping Laboratories Move On
With 3D printing technologies getting outdated before they reach laboratory benches, Old World Labs is providing a contracted service plan to upgrade to new 3D printing instruments. Customers already using these printers include Stanford University, NASA, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and Old Dominion University.
Source: Old World Labs

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