World’s Fastest SEM Announced by ZEISS

MultiSEM 505

ZEISS is announcing the launch of the world’s Fastest Scanning scanning electron microscope at the upcoming annual Neuroscience meeting in Washington.

The ZEISS MultiSEM 505 has 61 beams working in parallel and a capture speed of 1220 megapixels per sec, with each pixel 4nm in size. Instead of using a single electron beam like most other SEM’s, the 505 allows acquiring pixel by pixel image of the sample, 61 at a time.

The MultiSEM 505 has many potential uses in laboratory research. However, since the event where it is being launched is a Neuroscience meeting, the MultiSEM 505’s uses for neuroscience research are being touted the most.  It allows researchers to study much bigger sample sizes and cuts back research times from years to weeks. The new units are already being used by researchers at Harvard University in Cambridge and Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Martinsried, Germany.

Source: Zeiss MultiSEM 505: Revolutionize the Speed of Electron Microscopy

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