Cutting-Edge Excellence Analytical Balances from METTLER TOLEDO

Mettler Toledo Excellence

Users can now enjoy analytical weighing with the weighing expertise of METTLER TOLEDO’s innovative Excellence Analytical Balances. This new line of analytical balances with its intelligent features focuses on high process security, full regulatory compliance as well as outstanding weighing performance.

The built-in StatusLight indicator shows the status of the balance: green being ready, yellow as warning and errors in red. This ensures accurate and reliable results as users will be given the green light to start their weighing task – when balance calibration and routine tests are up to date; when balance is leveled and functioning correctly.

The Excellence Analytical Balances are also equipped with StaticDetect intelligent electrostatic detection technology to provide solutions to electrostatic issues in analytical weighing. It detects electrostatic charge on samples and containers, measures weighing error and gives warning so that antistatic measures can be employed using the compact antistatic kit that comes with it.

Ergonomically designed with enhanced touchscreen user interface and various technology advancements, METTLER TOLEDO’s Excellence Analytical Balances provide outstanding performance with reliable and accurate results, efficient operation, ease of compliance and seamless process.

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