Pall ForteBio’s New Octet HTX Launched to Accelerate Drug Development Process


ForteBio, provider of analytical systems for biotherapeutics discovery and development and a part of Pall Life Sciences has launched the new Octet HTX label free interaction analysis system at the BioProcess International 2013 Conference. The new Octet HTX with increased speed and throughput is capable of characterizing large number of therapeutic candidates in less time.

The new system is capable of simultaneously performing kinetic analysis of about 96 binding interactions at a time and the data generated provides insights into the drug binding interactions which can be further used to tweak the affinity and specificity of these drug molecules.  The Octet HTX system addresses the need for higher analytical throughputs in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries by providing solution to critical bottlenecks in drug development process. Researchers can make use of Octet HTX to study large panels of drug candidates and also determine protein concentration in samples in 96 well plates within 2 minutes. The data analysis tools provided by the company will prove to be useful for monoclonal antibodies and biotherapeutics development.

Source: Pall Corp.

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