Beckman Coulter Launches PerFix Intracellular Staining Kits


Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has introduced two new reagent kits for intracellular staining. The new PerFix -Expose and PerFix-nc kits are specially designed for use on the company’s Gallios and Navios series of flow cytometers. It is compatible with all Beckman Coulter fluorochromes.

PerFix-Expose phospho-epitope exposure kit facilitates the entry of fluorochrome coupled antibodies and probes into the cell to bind with proteins associated with intracellular signalling pathways that. t are affected by diseases like cancer. By doing so, it helps researchers identify and investigate these pathways. PerFix-Expose kit is developed for use with whole blood, bone marrow and other blood containing fluids. It can also be used for studying other intracellular and intranuclear antigens.

The new PerFix-nc kit allows researchers to perform concomitant surface staining and intracellular staining, easily accessing the insides of human leucocytes for flow cytometry. It can be used to analyze multiple intracellular epitopes and markers along with cell surface markers in leucocytes and lysed erythrocytes derived from peripheral whole blood. PerFix-nc makes sample preparation easier by eliminating the need for any temperature control or washing and centrifugation steps. It is compatible with both manual handling and automated workstations. The flexibility offered by PerFix-nc when it comes to washing or varying fixative concentrations makes intracellular staining as simple and efficient as surface staining.

Source: Beckman Coulter

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