Eppendorf Launches Reference 2 Premium Pipettes


The new Reference 2 pipettes are the newest addition to Eppendorf’s liquid handling equipments. The Reference 2 pipette succeeds the company’s previously highly successful Reference pipettes. The new Reference 2 pipettes are premium lighter weight ergonomically designed pipettes. These pipettes have reduced operating forces and are available in both single channel and multichannel versions.

The Reference 2 pipettes sport a wide range of safety features. They are designed to be highly durable and highly accurate while giving a lot of attention towards user safety and reliable handing, making them ideal for measuring and transferring precious liquids and other applications that call for extremely high levels of accuracy.

The Reference 2 pipettes comes with Eppendorf TrackIT feature, with a RFID chip containing all relevant data regarding the device embedded into it. The TrackIT RFID reader plus software can be used to scan the pipette and save the device data in a database that can be retrieved any time. Each part of the Reference 2 pipette has the serial number imprinted on it to avoid mixing up of parts.

The pipettes are coded and volume labelled with a 4 digit display for exact volume setting and has customizable labelling area. It also features one button technology and spring loaded tip cone for easier tip ejection. All these features makes Reference 2 pipettes user friendly and ideal for laboratories involved in research that requires high precision and accuracy.

Source: Eppendorf

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