Leica’s New LMT260 XY Scanning Stage for Microscopes and Macroscopes


Leica Microsystems has launched a new Leica LMT260 XY Scanning Stage for stereo microscopes and macroscopes. The new high precision scanning stage is most suitable for time lapse experiments.

This new device equipped with a magneto-resistive measurement system powered by two motors produces accurate and reproducible results. Leica LMT260 offers repeatability of 0.25μm and 1μm for samples weighing under 0.5 kg and for those weighing 1.5 kg respectively at a resolution of 5 nm. The stage can be moved along X and Y axes using the two linear motors or even manually.

The new scanning stage can also be used to scan large areas with high magnification. The sample is first divided into a grid by software, then the scanning stage moves to the points of interest along the grid. Images taken from the device can then be used to create a high resolution picture of the sample using Multistep or Tile Scan software modules from LAS and LAS Advanced Fluorescence respectively.

Source: Leica Microsystems

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