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Do you wish to be a part of a scientific project working on developing a cure for AIDS? And no, you don’t have to worry about your lack of credentials or expertise in the relevant field, or the lack of time to contribute for that matter. All you need is an Android smartphone with the BOINC app installed in it.

BOINC, Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing was originally developed by the University of California, Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory for [email protected] project and it has been redesigned for use in other fields. The BOINC is an open source middleware system for volunteer computing and grid computing that harnesses enormous computing power from idling personal computers across the world volunteered to be a part of the network.

Until now it was focused on personal computers running on a wide range of platforms, but now they have expanded their focus onto the rapidly increasing smartphone devices. These devices pack a lot of processing power, and for the first time BOINC is going to tap into these devices to power 6 of their projects. Currently it is focused only on Android devices.

Android smartphone users interested in being part of these projects just have to download and install the BOINC app from Google’s Play Store. Once installed, they can select the projects they want to be a part. Whenever the phone is charging or has its battery levels above the minimum set limit and connected to Wi-Fi, BOINC taps into the phone’s unused processing power for running project calculations and simulations.

Android phone users can choose to contribute to any of the following [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], theSkyNetPOGS and [email protected] (a part of IBM’s World Community Grid) projects. Apple, Blackberry and Windows phone users may have to wait a bit longer before can be a part of these projects.

The BOINC app is available on the Google play store, and it can be accessed using the link below or by searching directly from your browser or phone.

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