Bruker Corp. Launches New ECO Series Analytical Equipments


Bruker Corporation, manufacturers of high performance scientific equipment has recently announced the launch of its new ECO series comprising of 3 new analytical equipments. The new ECO series range includes S8 TIGER ECO X-ray fluorescence, D8 ADVANCE ECO X-ray diffraction and D8 QUEST ECO X-ray crystallography equipment respectively.

The ECO range of ECOnomical and ECO-friendly equipments are easy to use equipments offering best -in-class analytical performance.  They incorporate state-of-the-art technology to provide the best performance while reducing its ecological footprint.

Bruker S8 TIGER ECO wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence equipment incorporates the company’s “Plug ‘n Analyze” technology that eliminates the need for compressed air and cooling water for its operations. Bruker S8 TIGER ECO is designed to meet the growing requirement for high quality economical instruments in petrochemicals, cement and other industries for process and quality control operations.

The company’s D8 range of X-ray diffraction equipments gets two new members in the form of D8 ADVANCE ECO and D8 QUEST ECO. The D8 ADVANCE ECO with the proven DAVINCI design instrument architecture offers easy extendibility and upgradability which provides flexibility to the instrument to keep up with the ever changing requirements in the future. In comparison with its similar priced counterparts in the market, Bruker D8 ADVANCE ECO delivers excellent performance in terms of accuracy, precision, speed and reliability which in combination with its safety features and warranties makes it an ideal budget equipment.

The D8 QUEST ECO X-ray chemical crystallography equipment is designed for high speed data collection. The instrument’s new PHOTON 50 CMOS detector is twice the size of those in traditional CCD cameras and has an exceptional data acquisition speed. The automation system in the system sees through the whole process right from data collection through structure refinement and report generation. D8 QUEST ECO is a flexible equipment that can be upgraded with different high performance source and detectors including IμS microfocus source and PHOTON 100 CMOS detectors to build a high performance system.

Source: Bruker

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