EMD Millipore Launches PluriSTEM Human ES/IPS Medium


The Life Science division of Merck KGaA, EMD Millipore has launched a new stem cell media for human pluripotent stem cells. The new PluriSTEM Human ES/iPS Medium is formulated for routine expansion of human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells in feeder and serum free conditions with less frequent feeding and cell culture time.

The new PluriSTEM Human ES/iPS Medium’s fully defined proprietary formulation contains fourteen components including Activin-A, TGFβ1 and b-FGF and HSA, making it the first human ES/iPS media that combines small molecule inhibitors, pluripotent specific growth factors and supplements to enable less rigorous cell culture regiment.  The medium promotes self renewal of stem cells and the potent small molecule combination inhibits unwanted spontaneous differentiation, while aiding overall colony morphology.

Unlike the conventional ES/iPS stem cell cultures that require feeding every day, the new PluriSTEM Human ES/iPS Medium combined with an efficient culture method allows for feeding every alternate day. It reduces the level of technical expertise required for maintaining the stem cell cultures, increases the viability and proliferation rates in single cell passaging and makes the process more economical by reducing the time and money required.

With the addition of PluriSTEM Human ES/iPS Medium, EMD Millipore now offers a complete workflow solution for human ES and iPS culture systems, which includes proprietary reprogramming technologies and expansion media and kits for stem cell characterization.

Source: EMD Millipore

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