HaloPlex NGS Panel for Cancer and Inherited Diseases Introduced by Agilent


Agilent Technologies has introduced a new series of HaloPlex next generation sequencing panels for specific disease states. The new products include, HaloPlex Cancer Research Panel and HaloPlex Cardiomyopathy Research Panel along with five other predesigned research panels for arrhythmia, ICCG genomic regions, X chromosome, Noonan syndrome and connective tissue disorders.

The new HaloPlex panels are used in conjunction with the company’s SureDesign and SureCall software to perform integrated data analysis, mapping and reporting with high levels of sensitivity, specificity, speed and accuracy. These predesigned research panels saves a lot of time and resources for the clinical research laboratories, which are otherwise spent on individually defining disease related genes and incorporating them to make custom sequencing panels.

HaloPlex target enrichment solution eliminates the need of library preparation by combining the specificity and speed of PCR based systems with scalability and capture size flexibility of solution based hybridization formats. It removes the bottlenecks associated with targeted resequencing and eliminates the need for expensive dedicated instruments and labor intensive protocols.

Custom panels can be designed and incorporated with additional predesigned genes/regions of interest depending up on the needs by using Agilent’s SureDesign software. SureCall enables simple and intuitive variant calling to reduce data analysis hurdles. These two software are integral to Agilent’s HaloPlex NGS Solutions for target enrichment.

Source: Agilent

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