Agilent’s RapidFire 365 Hi-Throughput MS System for Faster & More Efficient Analysis


The new RapidFire 365 High throughput Mass Spectrometry System has been launched recently by Agilent Technologies, a well known chemical analysis, life sciences and diagnostic technology company.  The new RapidFire 365 system, with walkaway MS analysis feature has been developed especially for researchers working on drug discovery, clinical research and forensic toxicology applications.

The new RapidFire 365 system is integrated with the company’s BenchBot automation technology and has an increased plate handling capacity. It is compatible with the company’s entire range of mass spectrometers.

Agilent’s RapidFire 365, with its walkaway capability, can run unattended for 60 straight hours to facilitate more than 20000 injections. It is capable of analyzing multiple assays in a single unattended run and it can automate method development for novel analytes. The RapidFire Integrator 2.0 software that accompanies RapidFire 365 can be used for intuitive data review and visualization.

Agilent RapidFire 365 High throughput system, is a single end-to-end platform for fast, cost effective, automated, walkaway mass spectrometry system that enables identification of active compounds in challenging environments and confirm their activity while assessing the absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination and physiochemical properties of these compounds.

Agilent RapidFire 365 can be used for various high throughput screening applications in epigenetics, fragment based drug discovery, clinical research, forensic toxicology etc. It is capable of generating data equivalent to those of HPLC-MS in a fraction of its time and cost.

Screening with Agilent’s RapidFire 365 does not require any labels or surrogates, making it ideal against those targets that can’t be labeled with luminescence or fluorescence tags. And the sample throughput is also 10 times faster than conventional MS screening methods.

Source: Agilent

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