Thermo Scientific Launches Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid LC-MS


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has launched a new liquid chromatography- mass spectrometry system that combines the company’s three mass analyzers. The new Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid LC-MS system features a novel Tribrid architecture by combining quadrupole, Orbitrap and linear ion trap mass analyzers into a single platform, offering remarkable depth of analysis of complex biological samples.

The new Orbitrap fusion Tribrid LC-MS system has been launched by Thermo Scientific at ASMS 2013 Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, being held in Minneapolis from June 9-13. Orbitrap Fusion LC-MS, with the novel integration of technology has led to the creation of an entirely new class of laboratory equipment.

Orbitrap Fusion is a high throughput, highly sensitive instrument that offers greater proteome-wide coverage with greater quantitative accuracy. Tandem Mass Tags (TMT) allows simultaneous quantitative determination of proteins in multiple samples. TMTs are chemical labels used for MS based identification and quantification of biological macromolecules. The depth and quality of data from Orbitrap Fusion is far better than that of other tools using TMT.

The new tribrid platform exhibits improved quantitative accuracy by taking advantage of the MS3 selectivity and is capable of collecting twice the number of MS3 scans with greater sensitivity than it was earlier possible. The new TMT reagents from Thermo Fisher enable comprehensive simultaneous analysis of up to 10 samples. The tribrid configuration allows rapid positive identification of a large number of protein molecules available in low quantities.

The architecture of Orbitrap Fusion LC-MS system enables scientists to simultaneously perform precursor isolation, fragmentation and data acquisition in both Orbitrap and linear ion trap mass analyzers. The three mass analyzers configuration enables the user to identify the unknowns as and when they are encountered with the target compounds without having to rerun the samples, thus transforming many small molecule experiments.

The new Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion LC-MS system comes with new intelligent software that automatically adjusts scan parameters as the experiments are running in order to achieve optimal results. It also comes with an easy to use drag and drop method editor that removes most of the guesswork involved in setting up complex methods. Thermo Scientific Freestyle, Proteome Discoverer, Compound Discoverer, SIEVE and mzCloud are the other software that enhances the performance and usability of Orbitrap Fusion LC-MS system.

Source: Thermo Scientific


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