World’s First Automated System for Thawing BioSpecimens

Automated Thawing System

BioCision is launching the world’s first automated sample thawing system, aimed to help efficiently thaw frozen samples automatically.

Anyone who has worked in a laboratory has to deal with thawing samples, knows that patience is the key. Some of the old techniques of thawing under threat are dipping in warm water bath, rolling in hands or holding the vial above a flame. The appropriately named BioCision ThawSTAR thawing system will allow researchers to focus on other important jobs while their samples are being thawed and be certain of minimal loss of cells. It comes with advanced sensing technology that accurately follows thawing protocols. It comes with a patent-pending STAR sensing technology that the automated system tailors the thaw heating cycles to specific characteristics of each sample.

Thawing Cells Cryopreservation

Standardization in Laboratories

The ThawSTAR will most importantly bring standardization to laboratories, an extremely important step in cryo-preservation. The most commonly used thawing technique of dipping vials in water baths leads to contamination of samples. The easy-to-use and small footprint of ThawSTAR allows using the thawing system by anyone and anywhere in the laboratory, event in hoods.

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