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Nature Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

This conference will discuss recent advances and current challenges in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine: from the understanding of the cellular microenvironment; to the design, making, and monitoring of scaffold materials and engineered tissues; to the healing of body tissues and organs.

Cell Differentiation Controled with Light

  Researchers from the University of California in San Francisco have discovered how to differentiate embryonic stem cells (ESCs) with light. Irradiation with beams of light transformed ESCs into neurons. The research team lead by Matt Thomson also found out how cells distinguish meaningful developmental signals from stochastic molecular fluctuations. The study was published in the journal Cell […]

Shapeshifting Phototrophic Hydrogels and More…

Bioengineers at University of California, Berkeley have developed a phototrophic hydrogel that can be manipulated using near infrared light. The phototropic hydrogels opens new avenues for research in the field of soft robotics, drug delivery systems and tissue engineering. This phototrophic hydrogel mimics the way plant cells respond to light and is made of a […]