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Nanoantenna Based IR Sensors to Revolutionize Spectroscopy

A group of scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a new way of converting infrared (IR) light to mechanical action by utilizing a pattern of nanoantennas. This new research makes it possible for developing more sensitive IR detectors for use in IR cameras and spectrometers. The existing IR detectors use either cryogenically cooled semiconductors or […]

Magritek Introduces Spinsolve Compact NMR Device

Magritek, manufacturer of compact NMR and MRI devices has introduced its latest compact NMR spectrometer at the recently concluded PITTCON 2013. Spinsolve is a compact benchtop spectrometer offering fast and high resolution NMR spectroscopy solutions suitable for education and research purposes in chemistry. Magritek’s compact Spinsolve NMR spectrometer uses the standard 5mm NMR tubes for […]