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Sigma-Aldrich’s ONYX QUENCHER for qPCR and Beyond

Sigma Life Science, a division of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation has brought an improvement in qPCR’s assay signal quality by adding the latest quencher to its product portfolio. The new ONYX QUENCHER is a proprietary dark quencher for qPCR that produces heat instead of light upon excitation. The new ONYX QUENCHER is available in four different versions […]


Sigma-Aldrich Launches New Titan UHPLC Columns

Supelco Analytical, a part of Sigma Aldrich group has recently launched the new cost effective, efficient Titan UHPLC Columns. These new columns are manufactured using a novel patent pending Ecoporous silica manufacturing process jointly developed by Supelco and an Irish company, Glantreo Limited. By using this new process, the company has commercialized the first sub […]

Sigma-Aldrich Introduces Novel Scientific Literature Search Engine

The novel search engine launched recently by Sigma-Aldrich makes it easier for researchers to access peer-reviewed articles, abstract information, biological pathway data and technology queries on the company’s website. It saves researchers from logging into and navigating through various sites in search of scientific literature by providing a single window allowing them access to full […]