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Shimadzu Launches an LC-MS with Two Flow Lines

Shimadzu has released the Nexera MX, an ultra-fast liquid cromatography-mass spectrometry tandem with capability to analyze twice the number of samples than current LC-MS systems. Workflow is improved with alternate injection of samples in two analytical flow lines. There is a number of standard steps in LC-MS analysis workflow: sample aspiration, injection in column, elution, detection […]

Shimadzu Presents a New Device for Brain-Function Imaging

Shimadzu has launched the LABNIRS, a functional Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (fNIRS) system with high sensitivity and performance, easy operation and great potential for scalability. The new device supports a vast range of research applications. The LABNIRS will be presented at the Society for Neuroscience meeting 2015 in Chicago. Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIRS) is a technique that […]

Pittcon 2015

Updated: Pittcon 2015 Launches and Announcements

The annual 2015 Pittsburgh Conference just concluded in New Orleans with torrent of announcements and conferences. Below are some of the notable announcements from the mecca of analytical equipment. Thermo Fisher –  Thermo Fisher announced the launch of the curiously named Vanquish ultra high-performance liquid chromatography. Equipped with Thermo Fisher’s Chromeleon Chromatography Data System, the […]

Shimadzu’s SPM-8000FM Opens New Opportunities in R&D

Shimadzu Corporation has launched its latest High Resolution Scanning Probe Microscope, Shimadzu SPM-8000FM. This equipment, flagship model of the company’s scanning probe microscopy offering is developed in collaboration with the Kyoto University and other universities as part of Japan Society and Technology Agency’s “Development of Advanced Measurement and Analysis Systems” program. Shimadzu SPM-8000FM, with its […]

Shimadzu Launches Faster and More Efficient IRTracer-100 FTIR Spectrophotometer

Shimadzu has launched the new IRTracer-100 FTIR spectrophotometer for high speed and accurate infrared analysis. The new instrument offers a great combination of high speed, resolution and sensitivity. Shimadzu’s IRTracer-100 with its best in class S/N ratio of 60000:1 and 0.25 cm-1 resolution captures high quality data, making it ideal for high accuracy quantitation and […]

Shimadzu Introduces Advanced LCMS-8050 Ultra-Fast Mass Spectrometry Equipment

Shimadzu Corporation has announced the launch of its new LCMS-8050 triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS system incorporating the company’s latest ion source and collision cell technology in addition to its proprietary ultrafast technology. The new user friendly, easy maintenance LCMS-8050 Ultra Fast Mass Spectrometry device boasts of advanced high speed performance and best in class sensitivity at […]

Shimadzu’s New MALDI-7090 MS for Proteomics & Tissue Imaging Research

Kratos Analytical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation has introduced new MALDI-7090 TOF-TOF tandem mass spectrometer for proteomics and tissue imaging research at ASMS 2013. MALDI-7090 combines the company’s MALDI-TOF-TOF with patented technology to offer ultimate identification and structural characterization of biomolecules. MALDI-7090 features an innovative ASDF (Axial Spatial Distribution Focusing) technology for high […]

Shimadzu Introduces iMScope Imaging Mass Microscope

Shimadzu Corporation, the leaders in analytical instruments has recently launched iMScope, a novel imaging mass microscope. The new device has both optical microscope and a hybrid ion TOF mass spectrometer for observing high resolution morphological images and for identifying and visualizing the distribution of molecules in the specimen sample respectively. Shimadzu’s iMScope offers a mass […]