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Abbott ID NOW

Abbott’s Corona Virus Test Cannot Stop a Pandemic

Donald Trump’s recent announcement for the lack of COVID19 diagnosis across United States in the form of Abbott’s ID NOW™ platform, will not help the country fight or even slow the current pandemic. Touted to help front line workers and remote clinics to detect infected individuals in as little as five minutes using their nasal […]

Quick Lab Start Edition

Bento Lab: DNA Laboratory for Your Backpack

A new Kickstarter campaign has just gone live with the aim of manufacturing a laptop sized DNA lab that includes three quintessential tools necessary for DNA research. Initiated way back in 2013, the founders of Bento Lab seek to create a single tool which makes DNA research simple and quick. Bento Lab DNA lab consists of […]

Ultrafast Photonic PCR Amplifies DNA in 5 Minutes

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley have developed a new technique to do PCR experiments at ultrafast speed. Plasmonic photothermal heating allows results within minutes with low power consumption. The breakthrough, that will allow to streamline PCR, was published in the journal Light: Science & Application. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique that […]

Biofire Filmarray

BioFire’s GI Diagnosis Panel Detects 23 Target Pathogens

BioFire, the molecular biology affiliate of bioMerieux has launched the new FilmArray Gastrointestinal Panel which recently received FDA clearance. FilmArray Gastrointestinal (GI) Panel is essentially the most comprehensive GI test in the market for diagnosing infectious diarrhea. Unlike current diagnostic practices that requires laborious laboratory tests following physical and faecal examination, the FilmArray GI Panel […]

Porvair MiniSeal II

Porvair Launches MiniSeal II Microplate Sealer

Porvair Sciences has launched a new semi-automatic sealer for microplates. The new MiniSeal II sealer can handle multiple variants of microplates that are in conformation with the ANSI/SLAS format. It is ideal for processing PCR, filter-bottomed, assay and deep-welled pates with ease. The new MiniSeal II makes good on the design shortcomings of its predecessor, […]

Bioline Launches MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit for Direct Whole Blood PCR

Researchers can now expect faster protocols, higher yields and superior performance with the release of MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit by Bioline, a subsidiary of Meridian Bioscience, Inc. This new kit is developed to match with similar kits like Thermo Scientific’s Phusion Blood Direct PCR Kit and KAPA Biosystems’ KAPA Blood PCR Kits available in the market. […]

Spectronics Corp. Launches Select XLE-Series UV Crosslinker

Spectronics Corporation, the leading manufacturer of ultraviolet equipments and fluorescent materials has launched the new Select XLE-Series UV Crosslinker, enabling identification and analysis of trace amounts of nucleic acids in samples with greater sensitivity, speed and accuracy. The new Select XLE-Series UV Crosslinker is 240 times faster than vacuum oven baking; it can bind nucleic […]

Real time qPCR

Startup Seeks to Bring DNA Diagnostics to Smartphones

A startup based in Philadelphia, PA is aiming to replace expensive and complicated DNA diagnostic equipment with an easy to use smartphone controlled setup that performs real-time qPCR. Biomeme’s CEO unveiled their ambitious plans at DreamIt Health, though the company did not show off any working prototypes. The company aims to provide medical professionals the ability […]