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DiscoveRx Launches BioMAP Panel for Cancer Drug Discovery

DiscoveRx Corporation, involved in manufacture of next generation drug discovery platforms has launched the new BioMAP panel through its BioSeek division. BioMAP is the first primary human cell based assay platform developed for cancer research. The impact of chemical compounds on tumour cells in in-vivo conditions in humans can be predicted along with potential clinical outcomes of […]

Fluxion Biosciences’ IsoFlux System for “Liquid Biopsy”

The IsoFlux System developed by Fluxion Biosciences – a California, USA based provider of cellular analysis tools is an automated microfluidic instrument for high sensitivity enrichment of rare cells like stem cells, circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and immune cells. The new IsoFlux System was introduced in November last year and the first batch of orders […]

AMSBIO’s 3D Spheroid Assay for Cancer Drug Screening

AMSBIO, one of the leading providers of cutting edge products and services for the life science industry has launched a new range of 3D assay for evaluating cell proliferation and viability. The new cell based assay is available in the well known 96 well format. The new AMSBIO 3D Spheroid Proliferation/Viability Assay kit uses 3D […]

HAMLET, A New Addition to Anti-Cancer Arsenal

Scientists have managed to gain some ground in the war against cancer by developing a new weapon to use against the enemy. The new weapon in question goes by the name HAMLET and it is designed by a team of scientists from Nanyang Tehnological University (NTU), Singapore and Lund University of Sweden. HAMLET stands for […]