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cellFRAP: High Speed Live-cell Imaging from Olympus

Olympus presents the cellFRAP, a live cell imaging platform for the in-vivo analysis of dynamic processes by accurate and flexible photomanipulation techniques. cellFRAP´s main feature is the diffraction-limited laser spot. The system allows to place the spot anywhere in the field of view with great accuracy and shape flexibility, enabling greater bleaching control than other systems. […]

Olympus Launches Workflow Oriented Incubation System for Live Cell Imaging

Olympus has launched a new modular, flexible incubation system in order to improve the capabilities of its renowned IX3 range of microscopes. The new cellVivo incubation system with darkroom and laser safety capabilities offers precise and ergonomic environmental control for advanced live cell imaging. The Olympus cellVivo incubation system follows one-size-fits-all concept by utilizing modular […]