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Ribo-T : Ribosome with Linked Subunits Reads Desired RNA

Scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University have engineered the Ribo-T, a tethered ribosome that could be used to produce drugs and new materials and help understand how ribosomes function. The breakthrough has been published in Nature. Ribosomes are ribonucleoproteins, present in all cells, that synthesize proteins. There are two ribosomal subunits: the small subunit which […]

Synthetic Biologists Synthesize Semi-synthetic Ribosomes

Researchers have been trying to synthesize fully functional ribosomes in their laboratories for some time now without much success. Until now they have been using constituent parts of ribosomes to build new ones, and it hasn’t yielded much success as they have always ended up with poorly functional ribosomes outside the cellular environment. But not […]