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MinION Oxford Nanopore

Nanopore Sequences Genes Very First Time in Space, Courtesy NASA

Oxford Nanopore’s MiniION sequencers have successfully sequenced genes in space for the very first time at NASA’s International Space Station earlier this week. “One small step for genetic research, a huge step for space-exploration.” NASA has conducted feasibility of conducting genetic tests in microgravity conditions by using Oxford Nanopore’s USB sized MiniION genetic sequencers. The […]

One Year in Space to Plan the Journey to Mars

With the three-year journey to Mars in mind, NASA is studying the risks of spending long periods of time in space. Scott Kelly will live for one year in the International Space Station (ISS), instead of the usual six months, to assess the body response to the stresses of life in space: gravity, isolation, hostile environments, radiation […]

MIT and NASA Researchers Develop a Novel Neutron Microscope

A group of researchers from MIT and NASA have developed a new microscope that creates high resolution images using neutrons in the place of electrons or light used in conventional microscopy techniques. This new microscope utilizes the same principle used for focusing X-rays to focus neutron beams on a specimen. The main advantages of neutron […]

Hit [Ctrl + P] for Pizza in the Future

Feel like eating pizza? One may no longer have to drive to the nearby pizzeria or order a home delivery in the near future but just hit print on their computer to get it freshly printed out of a 3D printer. The latest NASA funded research into 3D printed food may make it possible soon. […]