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Microchip Quickly Detects Defects in Donor Lungs

  Researchers from the University of Toronto have developed a microchip that detects biomarkers for lung assessment for transplantation. The microchip will detect lungs damaged at molecular level and thus avoid post-transplantation death. The finding was published in the journal Science Advances. Primary graft¬†dysfunctions cause death of up to 25% of lung recipients. Many tests […]

New Microchip Capable of Diagnosing Infections in Minutes Developed by U of T

The conventional method of diagnosing infectious bacterial diseases involve collection of blood and other clinical samples and culturing it, and making observations after the required incubation period for any microbial growth. It may take days to get the results. Apart from that, it takes some more time to find the effective antibiotics against it, or […]