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Marblar’s Super-Biotin Challenge Calls for Brainstormers

Marblar in association with the University of Edinburgh presents the Super-Biotin Challenge. The Edinburgh University’s team that has developed a way of using a biotinidase resistant bond to link other compounds to biotin and they are looking for its potential applications. Biotin, also known as Vitamin-B7 is a compound widely used in biotechnology to conjugate […]

Micro-mixer Challenge Open for Brainstorming on Marblar

SIMTech along with Marblar invites people to display their marbles by brainstorming for their new Micro-mixer Challenge. SIMTech has developed a new Micro-mixer for microfluidic applications that vibrates to mix the fluid streams in microchannels. By doing so, it transforms laminar flow to oscillatory flow leading to efficient mixing of two fluids to provide ideal […]

Brainstorm and Find New Uses of Microfluidic Droplet Sorter Tech on Marblar

Virginia Tech in partnership with Marblar is calling for new ideas for the university’s recently developed¬†fluorescence activated microfluidic droplet sorter technology. Microencapsulation is the process of coating tiny droplets or particles to impart special properties. Droplets with encapsulated cells or beads have been widely used in biological and molecular engineering studies. There are different methods […]